The business value of integrated model engineering

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Posted by Sjir Nijssen 09/02/2011 08:48

Practitioners estimate 50% savings can be realized in business analysis and IT

At the Dutch National Business Architecture Conference in November 2010, the following question was asked in a survey to be filled in at the spot by practicing business architects, business analysts and IT managers: how much money do you estimate can be saved in business analysis and IT project if you yourself were to practice integrated business modeling using the CogNIAM protocol and the standards SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and business Rules) and BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)?
The answer was 50 % (n=54).
If we extrapolate this estimate to the western world we arrive at yearly savings between 200 and 800 billion dollars. The question then comes up: why are we not realizing such enormous savings?
My primary assumption is that it is insufficiently known that such savings are realizable.
Hence one of the primary aims of this blog is to gradually build up the Conceptual Architecture to demonstrate how such savings can be realized. 
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12/02/2011 16:14
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re: The business value of integrated model engineering

I know that is true. And if it were 10% it is still a lot of money. And still organizations are still hiring consultants who speak in a vague language and they don't lie. The listener can fill that vague language whit his own truth. So the consultants earn a lot of money bye saying the truth and there's nothing concrete happening, only a lot of paper, if the client of the consultant is lucky. It's my belief today that some concrete analysts have to show it in practice and that takes a lot of energy, breathtaking  , "blood", sweat and "tears".

Give me the tools ....

And it is still for me a paid hobby of learning to do the right things in an effective way.

Give me a alarm clock, to wake them up.




12/02/2011 16:32
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re: The business value of integrated model engineering

Interesting suggestion, the alarm clock.

It is indeed amazing to observe that so little attention is given in higher education to the meta skills of analysis, logical reasoning, validation of models and effective communication.

And it is also amazing to see that in 2011 there is no subject taught in first year of higher education that demonstrates how much overlap there is in the various silos. 

The question is: which group of persons have to be awaked? Professionals, educators or management?

I believe that if general management would be aware of the fact that the professionals themselves have come to the conclusion that 50% van be saved in their work, then most general managers will take action.

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