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  1. On the gross architecture for next generation database management systems (1977)

  2. A Framework for Discussion-in-ISO-1978-TR9007-landscape (1978)

  3. A framework for advanced mass storage applications-IFIP-MEDINFO-1980 (1980)

  4. Database Semantics (1980)

  5. An architecture for knowledge base software (paper) (1981)

  6. An architecture for knowledge base software (96 pages) (1981)

  7. Databases of the future, design and methodology (1981)

  8. On experience with large-scale teaching and use of fact-based conceptual schemas in industry and university (1985)

  9. ONTORULE-BusinessModeling-D1.3 (2010)

  10. W1 tm W3 Mini-cookbook to prepare a conceptual schema (1982)

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